Leading Teamwork

Although individuality is strongly woven into the fabric of American culture, so too are the values associated with teamwork. Teamwork is not only consistent with many aspects of local community life, the images and virtues of team sports are a common touchstone of American culture. And yet teamwork is much easier said than done. We can only achieve the potential rewards of working with others if we develop the kind of ‘team chemistry’ and processes associated with excellent teamwork. In this workshop we seek to ‘play and work well’ with others to explore how we can lead effective teamwork. Methods include a teamwork assessment, group activities, and a number of engaged discussions. Be prepared to think and share and to have a lot of fun in the process.


  • Examine two types of teamwork and ingredients necessary for high performing teamwork
  • Assess and explore the development level of teamwork in your workplace
  • Understand common factors of group struggle
  • Examine specific practices that help promote effective teamwork

Target Audience:  Anyone involved with leading groups, such as program leaders, supervisors, and managers. This workshop could also be useful for individuals working on teams or collaborative projects.