Effective Communication – Mindset and Practices to Create Connection and Improve Collaboration

To accomplish the goals of our organizations, individuals must collaborate effectively, be willing and able to share information, provide feedback, solve problems together, and maintain an inclusive environment — all under the pressure of deadlines, change, and complexity.  Effective communication is the key.  In this workshop we will primarily focus on effective interpersonal communication.


  • Explore how effective communication requires BOTH a certain mindset AND specific behaviors
  • Review techniques for effective collaborative communication – with individuals and in groups
  • Examine how directive behavior can still be relevant within a collaborative context

NOTE – the following optional objectives are also available. Program length will vary according to the number of selected objectives:

  • Explore how individual personality preferences influence communication
  • Review suggestions for communicating with different “types” of communicators
  • Discuss communication patterns and technology formats for your workplace
  • Examine effective communication behavior in meetings

Target Audience:  Anyone who works with and through others to accomplish objectives.