Bringing Out the Best in Others

How do we create and sustain motivation in our work environment? How do we create an environment that supports productive work, enthusiastic service, and creative problem solving? To examine how to build and strengthen such a climate, we use a combination of methods to explore and assess motivation – the complicated, intangible, and very real force that drives behavior. This workshop features several group challenges, individual reflection and planning, and numerous discussions throughout a day-long journey of discovery.


  • Examine the factors that influence your personal motivation
  • Identify and assess 14 practices for enhancing the motivational environment
  • Diagnose the motivational environment of your workplace or group project  to determine your ‘next steps’
  • Recognize the importance of adjusting your motivational efforts to meet the individual needs and experience level of colleagues
  • Explore a straightforward coaching model that elevates motivation and supports performance development
  • Consider ways to elevate ‘employee engagement’

Target Audience:  Anyone with responsibility for leading and working with others to achieve goals, such as project coordinators, supervisors, and managers.