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Contract Services: Leading Edge Program

Through the Leading Edge Program Brushy Fork has collaborated with a variety of organizations to create custom workshops suited to their needs for organizational and staff development. Brushy Fork staff have designed and facilitated training sessions on group process, vision, problem solving, consensus building and other essential skills for successful community development efforts.

The Leading Edge Program was established formally in response to requests for development services from several community organizations and to the need for Brushy Fork to diversify its own funding base. The Leading Edge Program provides Brushy Fork the opportunity to work with a wide range and number of organizations and individuals while providing a source of income for the organization. In the Leading Edge Program, organizations contract for Brushy Fork services, paying fees on a sliding scale based on the organization’s ability to pay and the alignment of their work with Brushy Fork’s mission to serve the Appalachian Region.

How to Request Our Services

For more information on our fees and services, contact Brushy Fork Director, Donna Morgan, at or call 859-985-3858.

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