Fee-Based Contractual Services

Our fee-based services are available both on and off-campus.

Our leadership team works with clients to design and lead workshops to meet your training and leadership development needs. Training costs are calculated at an hourly rate, which includes planning, consulting, and travel costs.

Our training programs are informed by two decades of experience operating an award-winning rural leadership development program. Most workshops are half-day training events, and all are built upon defined learning objectives.

Some of our most requested workshops focus on collaborative problem-solving, effective communication, supervision of staff and volunteers, leading and facilitating effective meetings, and other essential skills for leading and managing teams.

We also provide custom-designed programs to meet specific training needs within an organization or team.

To inquire about available services or to schedule a workshop, please contact Mark Nigro, our leadership training coordinator, at mark_nigro@berea.edu or 859-985-3436.