Community Leadership Program

What is the Community Leadership Program?

The Brushy Fork Community Leadership Program builds a team of community members to take action on community issues. The program serves experienced leaders who are seeking to bring other people into leadership circles and emerging leaders who are growing into leadership roles. Participants explore practical leadership skills that are the nuts and bolts of achieving community results. Skills include running meetings, engaging stakeholders, communicating with others, raising resources, and measuring results. Team members apply technical skills to carry out a community project. Learn more about Brushy Fork’s approach to leadership development here.

What are the activities and the commitment?

Participants in the Brushy Fork Community Leadership Program commit to six months of program activities and community service. Activities include:

1. An Orientation Meeting (2 to 3 hours) in the community to clarify expectations of the program, connect with other team members, and plan for sharing about their community at the Opening Workshop.

2. An Opening Workshop (2 days) on Berea College’s campus to explore regional history, culture, and contemporary issues, gain individual and team leadership skills, and plan a community project.

3. A Project Planning Workshop (3 to 4 hours) in the community two to four weeks after the Opening Workshop and regular group meetings thereafter for project work.

4. A Midterm Workshop (3 to 4 hours) in the community to assess project progress, challenges, and explore how the group is working together.

5. Up to three online meetings (1.5 hours each) on additional leadership skills.

6. A Closing Workshop (1 day) on Berea College’s campus to share project successes and lessons learned and to explore additional leadership skills.

What will you gain?

As an individual, you will broaden your leadership perspectives, build practical skills, and make new community connections that you will carry into all areas of your community life. As a team, you will accomplish community results based on a shared vision.

How can my community participate?

If you are interested in nominating your community for participation in the Brushy Fork Community Leadership Program, please reach out to Brushy Fork at 859-985-3858 or by email at