Kentucky Appalachian Regional Commission Flex-E-Grant Program

Flex-E-Grants provide a critical resource for communities to plan and implement projects that build community capacity.

These funds serve to improve economic conditions within economically distressed counties by developing local and regional leadership, supporting long-term visioning and strategic planning, designing and implementing community programming, and laying foundations for more intensive investments and interventions.

Grants are subject to approval for up to $10,000, require a 20 percent match of total project costs, and must be completed within a 6-month timeline.

The Flex-E-Grant program was generated from the ARC’s initiative to enhance assistance to distressed counties. As such, each approved project must demonstrate beneficiaries in a distressed county. Flex-E-Grant funds are made available on a reimbursement basis only.

All 2017 grant funds have been committed as of April 1, 2017.

For Applicants:

For Current Grantees: