5. Harlan County, Kentucky: Economic Development Authority Website (Promise Zone County) Fiscal Agent: Harlan County Fiscal Court

The primary goal of this project is to build a professional website for the Harlan County Economic Development Authority. The authority was established by the Harlan County Fiscal Court in 2015. The purposes of the authority are to support local business expansion and attract new capital investment. With the assistance of a 2016 SOAR Kentucky Appalachian Region Development (KARD) grant, the authority was recently able to hire the county’s first full-time economic development director.

This website will be used to promote local development and capital investment in the community and neighboring region. The project is part of a larger community effort to rehabilitate the economy through diversification. Once established, the website will help showcase available land and properties suitable for business development and assist with marketing the county’s ample natural assets. It will also provide geographic, demographic, and social information on the county and target professional site selectors and other key decision makers in business, industry, retail, and other important economic sectors. The website will be created by Mountain Tech Media, a technology and media services provider located in Whitesburg. The Harlan County Economic Development Authority will provide ongoing site maintenance.

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