4. Estill County, Kentucky: Dream Estill County Fiscal Agent: Estill County 21st Century, Inc.

The goal of this project is to develop a strategic plan for the Estill Development Alliance (EDA), a non-profit economic development group serving Estill County, Kentucky. Founded in 1995, the Alliance assumes primary responsibility for coordinating community and economic development initiatives for the cities of Irvine and Ravenna. EDA services include programs supporting the growth and development of entrepreneurs, downtown revitalization efforts, regional leadership training programs, business recruitment and incubation efforts, tourism trail development, support for the performing arts, and citizen engagement in development activities.

This planning process will create a strategic plan to provide strategies for stabilization and growth of the organization. EDA will issue an RFP to hire a qualified consultant who will lead their staff, board members, and community stakeholders in the development of a long-term strategic plan. The consultant will also provide assistance with evaluating current systems, processes, and policies for efficiency and effectiveness. The resulting strategic plan will allow the organization to better serve its mission and provide constituents with the services needed to develop the local economy while providing for better coordination of the many operating divisions the Alliance manages.

Significant project outputs include a community-driven plan identifying 3-5 key development strategies and preparing board and strategic planning committee members with the knowledge needed to begin pursuing resources to implement this work.

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