3. Cumberland County, Kentucky: Philanthropic Capacity Building Project Fiscal Agent: Cumberland County Fiscal Court

The goal of this project is to educate the general public about the benefits of strategic community philanthropy. This grant request allows the Cumberland County Fiscal Court to contract with the Lake Cumberland Area Development District to conduct a series of six educational community workshops and meetings. These workshops will serve two primary purposes: 1) to educate community members and groups about the tax advantages of donations and 2) to educate community members and groups about the process and benefits of endowment building. Educational workshops will be tailored to target audiences, including accountants, attorneys, industrial groups, nonprofit organizations, investment advisors, and other entities or individuals who wish to participate.

The long-term goals of the project are to build local philanthropic capacity within Cumberland County and promote the creation of component funds to support community development initiatives. The work of retaining and endowing local wealth for community good advances the development of local philanthropy, a key component of regional development strategies. This project also extends the work seeded with the Appalachian Rural Philanthropy Development Initiative by continuing to build capacity through public education, with the intent that this education will eventually lead to more local investment and more structures to facilitate and enable local and regional philanthropy.

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