19. Multi-County Project: Promise Zone Profiles (Serves All Promise Zone Counties) Fiscal Agent: Eastern Kentucky University

The goal of this project is to develop and launch a web and social media campaign designed to help market local assets and promote positive images of the Kentucky Promise Zone region. This project will be coordinated through the Eastern Kentucky University Office of Regional Stewardship. This office will collaborate with the Promise Zone coordinator through the Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation and regional high school teachers and students to produce Promise Zone profiles. These profiles will highlight people, businesses, civic organizations, and community projects that are positively shaping the future of the region. The project encourages collaboration and networking among young adults, adult mentors, regional professionals, civic leaders, and government officials, with a common goal of promoting the communities in which they live. Project outputs also include the creation of a curriculum that provides educators with the tools needed to sustain the project beyond the grant period.

The project was designed in response to the recommendations presented as part of the final report of the SOAR Tourism, Arts, and Heritage working group last year. The purpose of these working groups was to produce a final report that prioritized needs discovered during listening sessions held within the Appalachian Kentucky region. This report revealed a need for direct tourism industry promotion, a promotional plan for small regional businesses to attract new customers, and strategic and targeted marketing employing social media and other online tools. This project helps fulfill this identified need.

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