17. Metcalfe County, Kentucky: Farmers Market Community Garden Development Fiscal Agent: Metcalfe County Farmers Market

The primary goal of this project is to increase the consumption of fresh, locally-grown produce among Metcalfe County’s limited resource families with children age 12 and under and develop greater local foods awareness and support within the Edmonton community. A secondary goal is to engage families in the process of producing and preparing fresh fruits and vegetables grown at the Farmer’s Market Community Garden, which includes a children’s garden area.

Project partners include the Metcalfe County Farmer’s Market, Metcalfe County Cooperative Extension, and the Barren River District Health Department. Activities will result in the creation of a productive community garden that will provide fresh fruits and vegetables across all seasons and valuable learning opportunities for participating family volunteers. The community garden will be located on Cooperative Extension property which is adjacent to the Metcalfe County Farmer’s Market Pavilion. This garden will serve as the epicenter for recurring hands-on growing and harvesting activities and community education events related to food preparation and nutrition, to be scheduled to coincide with the Farmer’s Market hours of operation.

Additionally, families will be instructed in how to create, plant, grow and maintain their own personal small-scale garden spaces, which will help improve their dietary choices and health outcomes.

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