16. Menifee County, Kentucky: Menifee County Tourism Marketing Plan Fiscal Agent: Menifee County Fiscal Court

The goal of this project is to create a strategic plan for tourism development and marketing for Menifee County. This plan will be developed with the assistance of the Gateway Area Development District, which will work with government entities and community groups to inventory area attractions and display them on interactive maps utilizing Quick Response (QR) Code technology. This technology can be scanned by smartphones to provide tourists with more information about local assets, such as the neighboring Cave Run Lake or Red River Gorge.

The resulting plan will seek to capitalize on regional trends in rural tourism, such as agritourism, adventure tourism, and recreational, heritage, and food trails. Six area attractions will be selected and highlighted on physical interactive maps to be strategically placed within the county. Data will be collected and analyzed regarding the number of visitors accessing the tourism website through the QR Code feature embedded within these maps.

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