15. Magoffin County, Kentucky: Project Phase I Fiscal Agent: South Magoffin Community Activists, Inc.

The goals of this project are two-fold: to update South Magoffin’s existing strategic plan and establish a center for community and health programming. Both goals serve to promote the health and welfare of local citizens.

The strategic planning portion of project activities will update an existing plan created in 2010, which needs new development strategies to respond to the economic impacts of regional industry decline and local factory closures that have left residents without economic alternatives.

The portion of the grant focused on establishing a center for community and health-related meetings and programming makes effective use of a space recently donated to the organization. This facility has already benefitted from many upgrades enabled by supply donations from local businesses and residents. Grant funds will help complete remaining upgrades, including the installation of a kitchenette, expansion of an outdoor walking trail promoting physical activity, and the addition of a pavilion to serve as an outdoor classroom for programming events.

Once completed, this center will serve as a host site for local health-related programs, offering space for convening agriculture, diabetes, addiction recovery, and extension services programs. The community also plans to use the site to host healthy cooking classes and demonstrations and mobile dental health clinics to be coordinated with other providers.

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