12. Lee County, Kentucky: Lee County Kentucky River Trailhead Development Fiscal Agent: Lee County Tourism Commission

This project is designed to advance goals within the Lee County Tourism Strategic Plan, which includes development of recreational activities along the Kentucky River through river trail development, increased navigational signage, and improved river access. Project partners include the Lee County Tourism Commission, Three Forks Historical Society, Lee County Diabetes Coalition, People Encouraging People, Boy Scout Troop #84, Kentucky River Authority, and the City of Beattyville.

Major project activities include constructing three informational kiosks at public access points along the Kentucky River and hosting three river sweep events, during which community volunteers will install kiosks and clean up trash along the river, banks, and boat docks. Informational brochures that include a river trail map will also be produced and made available at public access points. These maps, combined with the new informational and directional signage, will increase the quality of experience for adventure tourists.

Following the river sweeps, two community canoe and kayaking events will be held to inform participants about the potential for small business development around river opportunities, including serving as an outdoor outfitter or commercial fishing guide. The grantee also intends to formally establish a local paddle club to promote family friendly water recreation and coordinate ongoing river maintenance.

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