Brushy Fork Annual Institute

Women & Leadership

Track Leader: Caroline Carpenter

Although many women work in the field of community development, they seldom occupy “official” positions of power, such as that bestowed upon elected officials, a board of directors, or an executive director.

How can we effectively support those on the ground and in the trenches who seek opportunities to broaden their circles of influence? How can we best support women in attaining leadership positions and maintaining their leadership role?

This track explores how women can employ their distinct leadership skills to effectively navigate the system. Session topics include communications, political opportunity, stress relief, self-awareness, and personal understanding.

Through community conversation, personal story sharing, and simulation activities, we will explore how women can translate and apply lived experience into tangible, articulated leadership skills.


Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone concerned with issues of gender equity
  • Women who aspire to positions of leadership
  • Anyone interested in serving as an ally to or advocate for women leaders


What Can I Expect to Learn?

  • Awareness of self and personal communication style
  • Healthy strategies for relieving stress
  • Tools and activities to promote confidence
  • Develop a network of colleagues for post-Institute support


Track Capacity: 25


Caroline Carpenter has more than 20 years experience working with private independent foundations, both geographic specific and national, focused on community development, rural development, and policy. More than 18 years of that work has been focused in West Virginia. Caroline currently works as a transition coach and private consultant. She also teaches Tai Chi and serves as a part-time instructor with Berlitz, teaching English as a second language.

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