Brushy Fork Annual Institute

Building & Sustaining Local Philanthropy

Track Leader: Dr. Bob Long

Communities have more resources and wealth than they know. Efforts to develop sustainable relationships with various sources of support are challenged on many levels. History and tradition of the region and the communities, local public perception and experience with access to resources, and external perceptions and experience providing local support, among others, are challenges that influence the decisions being made. The field of practice is ripe with successful strategies and approaches to accessing and guiding local resources.

The goal of this track is to help participants prepare for a quality understanding and application of the current standards of effective practice in local philanthropy. As W.K. Kellogg once said, “We know better than we do!” This track is designed to help local organizations and community leaders develop strategies and approaches to put what is already known into useful practice.

In this track, participants will use their local organization and community context to guide the application of the lessons being examined. A bit of advanced preparation, an examination of quality practice, and an opportunity to develop action strategies will help ensure that participants leave the session ready to take action.

Participants will leave with a set of guiding principles to support the local application of the core lessons from the session experience. This will be supported by a set of worksheets completed in advance and during the final portion of the session.



This track is designed for local organization staff and/or volunteers who are eager to increase their access and application of local resources in sustaining the impact of their programs and services. It is recommended that at least two people from an organization participate in order to increase the potential for successful application of the lessons learned and strategies developed through the track.

Track Limit: 45


Dr. Bob Long developed this session based on experiences with the community foundation development initiative of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, where he served for 16 years before his retirement in 2008, and the community development work he has undertaken in the years since with the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, the Murray Calloway County Community Foundation, and a range of related activities with Murray State University.


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