Brushy Fork Annual Institute

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Exploring How Mission Meets Market

Track Leader: Paul Wright

Social enterprises operate to achieve a social, economic, and/or environmental benefit while tapping into market opportunities that generate meaningful revenue.

This track will investigate the power, opportunity, and challenges of operating a social enterprise. Together we will explore the potential of social enterprises as powerful movers for Appalachian Transition.

Above all, this track will provide practical steps to help strengthen your current social enterprise or test whether social enterprise is right for you, your business, or your organization.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is intended for individuals and organizations that are either currently operating a social enterprise or are interested in exploring one. Target participants include enterprise managers, social entrepreneurs, non-profit managers, business owners, and others interested in deepening their understanding of social enterprise.

What Can I Expect to Learn?

  • Key concepts and research findings related to social enterprise in Central Appalachia.
  • Case studies of existing social enterprises to learn from their experiences.
  • Tools and processes that advance your current social enterprise or test potential new ideas.

Track Limit: 25

Paul Wright directs MACED’s enterprise support and capital programs and oversees the Social Enterprise Support Initiative. He offers 15 years industry experience, including: community facilities financing, grants management, organizational development and management consulting. Prior to coming to MACED in 2011, Paul developed a nationally recognized comprehensive community development initiative in Houston, Texas, ran his own business coaching/consulting franchise and organized various collaborative networks to achieve common goals. Paul holds a BS in Business Administration from Birmingham-Southern College, an MBA in Community Economic Development from Eastern College, and is an Economic Development Finance Professional certified through the National Development Council. He resides in Berea with his wife and four kids and enjoys hiking, mountain biking and time with his family.

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