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Online Team Registration

In an effort to provide an easier way for teams to coordinate their registrations, Eventbrite recently introduced a group registration feature. This feature offers attendees a fast and straightforward process to create groups, join and register as a group member.

The image below provides a visual example of the new event page look for group registration.


Eventbrite Team Registration


New group registration features include:

  • Socially-connected group pages: Each group has a dedicated page that’s customizable, and with 1-click you can share an event on Facebook, Twitter, or email your friends from this page.
  • Smarter group management tools: Group creators or team leaders can access free email and invitation tools to rally others to join and easily communicate with group members. Email addresses can also be conveniently imported from your Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts.
  • Mobile-friendly registration: The group creation and registration process is optimized for mobile devices making it possible for anyone to register for an event, wherever they are.

To get started as a team captain, simply create a team using the Create a Team button on the registration page. Once created, you will receive a welcome email from Eventbrite that will direct you to your customizable team page, where you will be able to invite other members and communicate with your team leading up to the event.


Team Page

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