Brushy Fork Annual Institute

Writing Your Appalachia

Early Bird Session Leader: Dr. Chris Green

When people hear the word “Appalachia,” images, associations, and narratives leap to their minds.  When it comes to our work, however, we want a narrative that reflects the places and people that our work serves.

This Early Bird session is dedicated to helping participants explore, describe, and tell the story of their organizations’ or own personal Appalachia, both of which are like no other.  As participants unwrap, develop, and share these stories, they will learn from one another and discover the inspiration that abounds.

As we write about what we know and the meaningful relationships in our work, we will find that each authentic voicing adds to our own and Appalachia’s distinctiveness, validity, and worth.

The session will be led by Chris Green (Director of the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center), Silas House (NEH Chair of Appalachian Studies), Jason Howard (editor of Appalachian Heritage), and Crystal Wilkinson (Berea’s Appalachian Writer in Residence).

Chris Green serves a number of roles at Berea College: Director of the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center (LJAC), Associate Professor of Appalachian Studies, Program Coordinator of Appalachian Studies, and the series editor for Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Appalachia with Ohio University Press.

While also very busy as a scholar, father, and husband, Green delights in using poetry to focus his wonder and find meaning in everyday living.

Green’s love of poetry developed in high school, an extension of earlier creative pursuits. “I played role-playing and board games,” he said. “And that morphed into seeing and touching the world through literature and words.”

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