Stories: Personal, Organizational, Communal

Early Bird Session Leaders: Chris Green, Silas House, Jason Howard, and Crystal Wilkinson

This early bird session will help you share and write parts of your own and your organization’s stories that matter. Often the stories closest and most important to us are the hardest ones to articulate and share, even to ourselves.

This session will help you to speak the truths and realities that surround you but have somehow always felt just out of touch or that you’ve never been able to quite tell well-enough. You will then be able to draw details from these discoveries to share with your colleagues and your community. From that telling, you will also be better able to share important parts of your personal, organization’s, and community’s narrative with the public.

When all is said and done, we hope this session might also help:

    • Build community pride,
    • Garner community engagement and support for development efforts,
    • Raise voices that may otherwise go unheard,
    • Discuss difficult issues,
    • Give a human dimension to the data that too often makes up the meat of most grant proposals, and
    • Provide the human story dimension when reporting to funders and others so that they gain a deeper understanding of the true impact of projects they have funded.

The session will be led by Chris Green (Director of the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center), Silas House (NEH Chair of Appalachian Studies), Jason Howard (editor of Appalachian Heritage), and Crystal Wilkinson (Berea College’s Appalachian Writer in Residence).