Berea College Farm Tour

Early Bird Session Leader: Dr. Sean Clark

The Berea College Farm is the oldest continuously operating student educational farm in the United States. It is also highly diversified, including hogs, beef cattle, goats, poultry, field crops, horticultural crops, aquaculture, and honey bees.

This tour will include an overview of the farming operation as well as visits to see individual enterprises and projects aimed at improving the environmental and financial performance of food production systems.

Participants will be provided with information to take with them and are permitted to take photos during the tour.

Session Capacity: 50


About the Berea College Farm:

The Berea College student farm has been testing and adopting alternative practices over the past 10-15 years in an effort to improve the sustainability of its operations. Recent efforts have included the expansion of organic crop production, a transition to reduced-input cattle and hog production, and a shift toward local marketing and sales, particularly of value-added products.

Third-party certifications, including USDA Certified Organic and Animal Welfare Approved, have facilitated access to price premiums and new markets. Selling more meat and fewer live animals has resulted in financial gains for the livestock enterprises, but the greatest returns per acre are generated through organic vegetable and fruit production. The farm has developed a strong relationship with the college’s dining services and recently opened a farm store for the production and sale of value-added food products.

This session will be led by Dr. Sean Clark, Associate Professor of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Berea College Farm Director.