Biology Program

Pre-Medical / Pre-Dental Club

Cassondra Covington, President
Jesse E. Neece, Vice-President
Philip A. Sutherland, Secretary
Anisa Lefta, Treasurer
Carrie Richardson, Communications Officer
Dr. Dawn Anderson, Faculty Advisor

What is the Pre-Medical / Dental Club?

The Pre-Med/Dent Club is a brand new club that was adopted in Summer 2002. The club is mostly comprised of biology, chemistry, and psychology majors with an emphasis in pre-medical study. Dr. Dawn Anderson is our senior pre-medical/dental advisor as well as the club’s faculty advisor. The Pre-Med/Dent Club is in affiliation with the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) which is an organization that serves pre-medical and medical students nationally. For more information concerning AMSA, visit their website at The Pre-Med/Dent Club also participates in community service projects. The club will team up with other organizations such as The Boys & Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, Biology Club, and the Area Health Education Center (AHEC). In doing this we hope to provide an environment to support health education and increase knowledge of health issues facing the community.

Goals for Pre-Medical / Dental Club

  1. Provide a forum for pre-med/dent students to support our education here and after Berea College.
  2. Take field trips to medical and dental institutions to get a feel for the professional arena.
  3. Discuss relevant issues that face the community such as primary vs. specialty care, alternate health careers, medical ethics, etc.
  4. Participate in events with a scientific or medically oriented nature.
  5. Have fundraising activities.
  6. Initiate and maintain a Berea chapter with AMSA.
  7. To promote cohesive relations among current and prospective medical/dental students.
  8. Have fun!

Ideas for the Upcoming Academic Year

We intend to:

  • Become involved with the Berea chapter of the American Red Cross.
  • Sponsor speakers on relevant issues such as admission to medical/dental school, medical ethics, alternate medical fields, substantial financial assistance for medical/dental education, etc.
  • Become involved with the Biology Club.
  • Coordinate field trips to various medical/dental schools such as: University of Virginia, Pikeville College, University of Louisville, and the university of Kentucky, etc.

Why You Should Be Involved

Whether you are a science major hoping to become a medical professional or just someone who wants to make a difference to those around you, the Pre-Medical/Dental Club provides an environment of learning and giving. These experiences will help prepare you for further usefulness to the community. Another reason for you to be an active member of this organization is to provide fresh ideas and enthusiasm for the enrichment of your undergraduate experience. Becoming an active member today will equip you with tools and vision for tomorrow.

Meeting Information

Meetings are held on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm in the Science Building. Meetings will be advertised on week prior to the scheduled meeting time. E-mail’s regarding club functions will be sent to all club members. For more information regarding membership, contact Philip Sutherland or Dr. Dawn Anderson.

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