Biology Program

KBRIN Undergraduate Summer Research


Gene-based / informatics-based research
Focus primarily on freshman / sophomore student participants


Molecular characterization and identification of hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria
16S rRNA gene sequence analysis

Characterization & identification of hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria from Berea region soil via 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis
(planned KAS Annual Meeting 2003)


Homology Model for Geranlgeranyltransferase II
Homology modeling of protein geranylgeranyltransferase using the protein farnesyltransferase coordinates (KAS Annual Meeting 2002)

Design & Synthesis of Cationic Anti-microbial Peptides
Design of a new class of cationic anti-microbial peptides (KAS 2002) Selection of an optimal synthetic route for 4-aminoproline derivatives (planned KAS2003)

Synthesis of two oligoproline peptides designed to have anti-microbial activity
(planned KAS2003)

Summer Research Students



Jeremy Rotty
Josh Owen
Lindsey Parsons
Fred Boggs
Adam Bohannon
Erica Summey
Chris Barton
Melissa Bradley


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