Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I apply for a job in the BereaCorps program?

BereaCorps offers a “safe zone,” real world, practical job experience that also provides professional development workshops throughout the year. In addition, participants benefit from being part of a cohort that includes other recent Berea College graduates, providing for a supportive environment during your first year out of college.

Who qualifies?

The BereaCorps program is available to graduates within two years of the application year.  For example, starting in March 2022 applications will be accepted from the alumni classes of 2021 and 2022.

What if I have to take a course this summer, am I still eligible to apply?

For participation in the program, coursework must be completed before the start of a participant’s contract.  If courses need to be completed during the summer term, eligibility to apply will open the following application year.

Are F-1 students eligible to apply?

Graduating F-1 students are eligible to apply for BereaCorps positions in accordance to the Optional Practical Training (OPT) process.  The position description and duties must align with the major of an F-1 applicant. If interested in application to the program,  it is highly encouraged to apply for OPT as early as possible.  For more information about your particular case, please contact Kye Anderson in the Center for International Education.


**Due to the nature of the OPT policy, F-1 participants are not eligible for a second year renewal unless major and position are related to STEM fields.

What positions will be available?

The number of available positions is dependent upon the current year members and their contract terms.  To view the current list of openings visit Available Positions.

What if I don't have experience in the areas of the available positions?

All participants will go through an extensive training process, have access to numerous professional development resources, and experience continuous on the job training. The BereaCorps program is focused on developing young professionals who are responsible individuals willing to learn and grow with a desire to give back to the College and support its mission.

What if I need help with my resume and/or cover letter?

The Office of Internships and Career Development in Stephenson Hall is a great resource for help on those documents.

Still have unanswered questions?

Contact Erica Woods, Strategic Initiatives Coordinator, at or call 859-985-4127.