Student Rooms

Student RoomsEnsuring a safe, comfortable living environment for students lies at the heart of the new residence hall.

Each room can accommodate one or two occupants, so that room assignments remain flexible as needs change from year to year; in this way, all lodging is accessible for residents in wheel chairs as well.

Most rooms feature very high ceilings with exposed flush-metal decking. This, along with the concrete floors and natural wood baseboards and doors, achieves the desired open, “loft-type” effect. Room height also allows for highly efficient ceiling fans (with bamboo-finished blades) to support natural ventilation, which reduces the need for air conditioning. A large operable window in each room also facilitates ample daylighting as well as views across the campus to the south and views to Anna Smith Hall to the north.

And finally, the tall ceiling allows for low or fully lofted furniture components, providing layout flexibility in the future. In addition to the beds and end tables, every room features Shaker-style student desks and dressers – designed and fabricated by Berea undergrads as part of the Student Crafts program and utilizing white oak harvested from the college’s own forest.

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