The Working Groups

Creating the new residence hall called for input, feedback and dedication from many individuals participating in working groups across Berea College.

Our thanks to all who gave generously of their time and talents to this very special project.

Administrative Committee

Berea’s Administrative Committee (the President and Vice Presidents) is the final arbiter of major financial, architectural and green components of this sustainably-designed and constructed residential facility.

Building Team

Based on recommendations from the Administrative Committee, Building Team members include administrative personnel, residential and student life staff, students, and maintenance and construction professionals. This group provides an integrated and on‐going leadership role, interacting with the architects and key consultants throughout the project. The Building Team also serves an advisory role in the initial programming, sustainable housing goals, and design and construction phases of the new residence hall.

Steve Karcher, Vice President for Operations and Sustainability
Derrick Singleton, Associate Vice President for Operations and Sustainability
Jon Metcalf, Facilities Management Director
Richard Dodd, Capital Projects Manager
Gus Gerassimides, Assistant Vice President for Student Life
Virgil Burnside, Director of Residential Life Collegium
Colleen Donathan, Residential Life Collegium: Kentucky Hall and Talcott Hall
Brian Easterday, student
Chris Lakes, Residential Coordinator/Student Life Collegium
John Lympany, Chief Information Officer
Messer Construction, Construction Manager

Focus Groups

Focus groups provide guidance on broader sustainable housing issues as well as relevant academic and labor opportunities to be explored and vetted during initial programming and conceptual design phases. These groups also offer suggestions and advice to the Building Team on behalf of college programs or class projects that relate to this project.

SENS Group

This group focuses on Sustainable Residential Life goals in general as well as sustainable design, construction and operations issues for the new residence hall. In addition, the SENS group works closely with the design team throughout the process to ensure that environmental goals are met. Once the building is open, SENS will monitor building performance, set reduction targets, initiate competitions and assist with ongoing commissioning of the building.

Forestry, Fine Arts, Student Crafts Group: Clint Patterson, Berea College Forester; Lisa L. Kriner, Chairperson of the Department of Art; and Tim Glotzbach, Director, Berea College Craft Program

Starting with the materials used in structural timber, finish wood and furniture, this group is charged with sourcing and logistics to inform the design team as to the practicality and cost of these options. This group also works to find opportunities for integrating student crafts into the building design and operations as well as displaying student visual arts in the completed residence hall.

Agricultural Group: Dr. Sean Clark, Associate Professor of Agriculture and Natural Resources

This group looks at the opportunities for building and site integrated agriculture and meeting the Urban Agriculture Imperative of the Living Building Challenge. The impact of utilizing local food for Sustainable Residential Life on greenhouse gas reductions will also be explored.

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