Welcome to Berea College’s newest, most sustainable project yet!

We are proud and excited to be leaders in campus sustainability. Berea College has had a long commitment to sustainability. One of the “Great Commitments” that guides the College is its commitment to “plain and sustainable living”. From college operations to community engagement, Berea continues to lead in creating a more sustainable community on campus and beyond.

Berea College has reduced its energy consumption and carbon footprint by over 50% over the last 15 years, through aggressive renovations and infrastructure improvements. We have LEED certified buildings, and we have faculty and staff working with the City of Berea on community energy plans and food security. Our students, faculty and staff also work in local schools, on student gardens and across the region in communities expanding their knowledge of local, organic food and sustainable food production, as well as value added processing that supports local economies. We work tirelessly on the Berea College Farm to teach, learn and promote sustainable agriculture and business practices. We teach and practice sustainable forestry practices while offering courses and projects in sustainable design and construction.

So you can see this new residence hall – Deep Green – is simply a continuation of Berea College’s efforts to move forward in our sustainability practices and in our ability to educate our students and community. We are thrilled you’ve found this website, and we hope the information here motivates you to learn more and to create a more sustainable world where you live!

Steve Karcher
Vice President for Operations and Sustainability

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