About the Deep Green Residence Hall

Born of a vision for change, as a symbol of sustainability, the new residence hall represents a new, innovative chapter for Berea College, ranked as one of the nation’s top liberal arts colleges. Here, the focus is on student housing, best practices in energy efficiency, innovation, design for change. It’s about creating a sense of place and honoring the arts, culture and traditions of the Appalachia region, while looking forward – to a deeper, greener commitment for all aspects of life, work and study on this historic campus.

AboutThe origins of this building date back nearly three years – a time when Berea needed more student housing on campus yet recognizing this as a chance to enhance residential life and expand on its Great Commitments. Through cross-disciplinary working groups, who provided valuable insights and ideas to the design team, the college established several ambitious project goals and objectives for a new, sustainably-designed residence hall. A series of concept and schematic designs, regular feedback, and refinements then led to the final site and floor plans: 42,000 square feet and three stories of new space to explore the possibilities of green living. With LEED renovations, the Eco Village and other campus innovations, this becomes the latest example of sustainability at Berea College.

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