Black Cultural Center with Students

Mission Statement

The mission of the Black Cultural Center is to provide services that support the needs of African American people at Berea College. We do this through;

  • co-curricular programs
  • leadership development
  • intercultural/interracial understanding opportunities
  • academic excellence strategies, and
  • other experiences

The Center provides services to support the recruitment, retention and graduation of Black students.
The Black Cultural Center is a leader in achieving the college’s mission of interracial understanding. We operate in the spirit of the college’s motto: “God has made of One Blood all Peoples of the Earth” (Acts 17:26).


We support the historic commitments of Berea College – in particular, this commitment:

“To assert the kinship of all people and to provide interracial education with a particular emphasis on understanding and equality among blacks and whites as a foundation for building community among all peoples of the earth.”


In 1983, Berea College established the Black Cultural Center (BCC). True integration and equality cannot happen without:

  • awareness
  • understanding, and
  • appreciation of black culture

Over three decades later, the philosophical foundation of the Black Cultural Center has not changed.