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Quality Enhancement Plan

FRESH Start: Berea College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

The move from high school to college is a one of the most stressful times of a college student’s life. This transition is especially challenging for many Berea College students.  To help with this transition, Berea College has developed a Quality Enhancement Plan, or “QEP,” that seeks to deepen and enhance students’ overall understanding of health and wellness and to help them develop behaviors and attitudes supportive of their own lifetime health and wellness.

Berea’s QEP is named FRESH Start. “FRESH” is an acronym for “First-year ResidentialExperience Supporting Health.”

FRESH Start is an intentional partnership between Student Life and the Academic division to enhance student learning in health and wellness.  By creating opportunities for students to explore the dimensions of wellness in both the classroom and living environment, and by applying both life management skills and coping strategies learned in and outside of the classroom, FRESH Start helps students learn and practice strategies that are supportive of wellness and understand the nature and impact of stress in all its forms.

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