Asian Studies Program

Past 2004-2005 Events

Sept. 15 Asian Studies Colloquium – Wendell Garnett ’05
“Language from the Land of Snows: A Beginner’s View of Tibetan”
Oct. 27
Asian Studies Colloquium – Vera Marinova ’06
” Buddhism and Homosexuality”
Nov. 17 Asian Studies Colloquium — Jarrod Brown ’04
“ Stranger in a Strange Land: Hunting an Indian Goddess in Japan”
Dec.1 Asian Studies Colloquium –
Dr. Robert Foster and Prof. Rebecca Bates

“ Living, Studying, and Traveling in the Lands of Temples and Techno-Toys: Adventures in China and Japan”
Dec.10 Dr. Trina Jones (Transylvania University)
“ If What the Buddha Taught Was True, How Can I Remember My Own Name?”
Feb. 9 Asian Studies Colloquium – Jaime Breckenridge ’04,
“ Christianity in Thailand”
March 2 Asian Studies Colloquium — Shane Gregory ’05
“ Women and Power in Korean Christianity”
April 6 Asian Studies Colloquium —
Prof. Lisa Kriner, Chris Ellis ’05,Reuben Smith ’06, and Mai Yang ’06

“Studying in Thailand”
April 16-17 Field trip to The Asia Institute (Louisville, Kentucky) and Ten Thousand Buddhas Summit Monastery (Corydon, Indiana)
April 20
Dr. Chun-fang Yu (Columbia University)
“ Buddhist Women in Contemporary Taiwan”

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