Asian Studies Program

Past 2003-2004 Events

Sept. 7 Field trip to Dalai Lama’s inauguration of Tibetan Cultural Center, Bloomington, Indiana
Oct. 24-29
Presentations by Dr. Barry Clark, practitioner of Tibetan medicine
Oct. 31 Lecture by Dr. Michael Puett(Harvard University)
“Domesticating the World: Religious Practices in Early China”
Nov. 1 Lecture by Dr. Franklin Perkins (DePaul University)
“Is Heaven Benevolent? The Problem of Evil in Early Chinese Thought”
Dec.5 Lecture by Dr. Robert Topmiller (Eastern Kentucky University)
“Buddhist Women in the Vietnamese Peace Movement”
March 20 Dr. Liz Wilson (Miami University of Ohio)
“ Feminist or Fembot: What Does It Mean When The Buddha’s Momma Goes All Thelma and Louise On Us?”
April 15-18 Presentations by Tibetan Buddhist monks from Tashi Lhunpo Monastery

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