Our Faculty

Rebecca Bates, Associate Professor of History

Ashley Elston, Assistant Professor of Art History

Robert Foster, Professor of History and Asian Studies (on sabbatical 2018-19)

Gordon Gray, Associate Professor of Media and Culture (on sabbatical 2018-19)

Lauren McKee, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Asian Studies

Eileen McKiernan González, Associate Professor of Art History; Chair of Art and Art History Department

Nathan Patton, Instructor of Japanese and Asian Studies

Jeffrey L. Richey, Professor of Asian Studies; Chair of Asian Studies Department

Nancy Sowers, Associate Professor of Finance

Jianfen Wang, Assistant Professor of Chinese and Asian Studies

Examples of Faculty Activity

Asian Studies Development Program: China Project

ASIANetwork Faculty Enhancement Program

ASIANetwork Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Association for Asian Studies (AAS) profile of Jeffrey L. Richey

BCnow interview with Gordon Gray

Gordon Gray’s Cinema: A Visual Anthropology

Jeffrey L. Richey’s Confucius in East Asia

Nathan Patton’s Beginning Japanese

National Consortium for Teaching about Asia

Robert Foster’s translation of the Classic of Go 

Smithsonian profile of Robert Foster

What’s the Most Important Thing to Know about China?