Our Faculty

This list includes all Berea College faculty who teach courses in Asian Studies.  Core faculty (who teach more than one occasional course) are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Rebecca Bates, Professor of History

*Jarrod Brown, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Nashwa Cahill, Assistant Professor of Health & Human Performance

Ashley Elston, Associate Professor of Art History

*Robert Foster, Professor of History and Asian Studies

*Gordon Gray, Associate Professor of Media and Culture

Deborah Martin, Professor of Theatre; Chair of Theatre Department

*Lauren McKee, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Asian Studies

Eileen McKiernan González, Professor of Art History; Chair of Art and Art History Department

*Nathan Patton, Instructor of Japanese and Asian Studies

*Jeffrey L. Richey, Professor of Asian Studies; Chair of Asian Studies Department

Nancy Sowers, Associate Professor of Finance

*Jianfen Wang, Assistant Professor of Chinese and Asian Studies

Stephanie Woodie, Associate Professor of Health & Human Performance


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