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    Congratulations, May 2015 Graduates!

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    • AST class of 2015 collage I
      AST class of 2015 collage II
      The Asian Studies Program congratulates its May 2015 graduates!   
      ·         Sona Apbasova (triple major with German and History) has been accepted by graduate programs in Central Asian and Turkic Studies at the University of Chicago, the University of Michigan, and Leiden University in the Netherlands.
      ·         Bethany Butters (major) plans to seek employment in a local ceramic studio, continue developing her skills as a potter, and eventually establish her own studio.
      ·         Hollister Doty-Griner (major, with minor in History) plans to take some time for self-discovery and trying new things while she decides whether to go to graduate school or teach English abroad.
      ·         Katie Fawley (major, with minor in Women’s and Gender Studies) intends to complete a Master of Social Work degree in order to work with women in need as well as individuals with disabilities.
      ·         Hunter Kennoy (major) plans to relocate to Seattle, Washington, where he hopes to work in the field of localizing video games to and from Japan.
      ·         Jacob Leibeck (minor – major in Computer Science and Applied Science & Mathematics) has accepted a position as a Software Engineer with Hewlett-Packard in Lexington, Kentucky, where he will work for at least a year before beginning part-time graduate work in Computer Science, with emphasis on Scientific Computing or Computer Vision, at the University of Kentucky.
      ·         Sophia Riehemann (major) plans to return home to Cincinnati, Ohio, and find work in one of her hometown’s many museums, with the hope of pursuing further training and a career in museum studies so that she can combine her love of Asian Studies with her passion for art and cultural preservation.
      ·         Nick Riley (minor – major in English) has accepted a position with the highly-competitive Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program and will travel to Japan this August to teach English in a Japanese school.
      ·         Nicole Watson (minor – major in Psychology) plans to take the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) in order to prepare for graduate studies in Sociology with an emphasis on ethnic and cultural studies. 
      ·         Brittany Welch (double major with Child and Family Studies) will relocate to Johnson City, Tennessee, in order to find employment and continue her studies in Culinary Arts, Anthropology, and Japanese.
      We wish all of our May 2015 graduates nothing but the best.  さようなら再見Sag boluň!  Farewell!

    Berea Graduate Returns to Teach Asian Philosophy

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    • Jarrod Brown

      Jarrod Brown ’04

      Jarrod Brown ’04, who combined Asian Studies (including study abroad) with his major in Philosophy at Berea before advancing to Ph.D. studies in Asian philosophy at the University of Hawai’i, is returning to his alma mater to teach during the 2015-16 academic year.  Among the courses that Jarrod will teach is “The Nature of Reality, East and West,” a 200-level fall term offering which will explore metaphysics (thinking about the nature of reality) from a comparative perspective, drawing on resources from Hindu and Buddhist thought as well as classical Western philosophy.  Welcome back, Jarrod!

    Nick Riley ’15 Accepted by JET Program

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    • Nick RileyNick Riley ’15 has accepted a position with the
      highly competitive Japan Exchange
      and Teaching (JET) Program!
      Since 1987, nearly five thousand college and university graduates from all around the world have taught their native languages in Japan through the JET Program, which is administered by the Japanese government in cooperation with 38 other national governments.  This August, Nick will join more than 2,600 Americans (including several Berea College graduates) who have successfully competed for positions in Japanese schools with JET.  Congratulations, Nick!

    Kelly Williams ’07: Taking Care of Business in Asia

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    • Kelly Williams ’07, who is employed by Lexington-based Big Ass Fans, is relocating to Asia.  Beginning with a stay in Thailand, he will spend two months in Singapore before moving on to South Korea (where he studied and worked for several years after graduating from Berea).  His new responsibilities in East and Southeast Asia will include evaluating and implementing marketing, construction, and distribution of BAF products in these regions.  Kelly is excited about taking on this new assignment, which positions him at the heart of a global supply chain that connects Kentucky to Asia.  Congratulations, Kelly!  We’re proud of you!9793_10152934653157988_4995335174246043054_n

    Sarah Resnick ’11 Accepts Position at University of North Texas

    Foster and Richey on Confucianism’s Revival in China

    Congratulations, December 2014 Graduates!

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    • The Asian Studies Program congratulates its December 2014 graduates: Julian Augustus ’14, Jacob Hart ’14, and Amber Welch ’14.  Julian is contemplating further studies in philosophy as well as a military career.  Jacob, a triple major in Asian Studies, Education Studies, and History, plans to teach high school-level history and pursue graduate studies in global history that will allow him to explore his interest in East Asian Christian traditions.  Amber will begin teaching English at Everyone R. Academy in Mishima City, Japan.  We wish all of our December 2014 graduates nothing but the best.  Hǎoyùn 好運!  Kōun 幸運!  Good luck!

    Amber Welch ’14 to Teach in Japan

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    • Amber WelchCongratulations to December graduate Amber Welch ’14, who has accepted a position as a teacher of English at Everyone R. Academy in Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture (just south of Mt. Fuji, two hours by train from Tōkyō)! Amber, who spent a year studying at Kyūshū University, is looking forward to spending the next few years (or more) back in Japan.

    Sona Apbasova ’15 Wins Essay Competition

    Tristan Lee Riven ’06 and John Sexton ’06 Start New Company in Borneo

    • Posted on by Jeff Richey
    • Neorune logoVideo game designers and entrepreneurs Tristan Lee Riven ’06 and John Sexton ’06 have
      established a new venture called Neorune.  Based in Borneo, the company will focus on creating and producing narrative-driven adventure games such as its current project, Ley Line.  Visit Neorune’s website and Facebook page to learn more about how these Asian Studies alums are putting their degrees to work – for themselves!

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