Summer Term I 2018

AST 101S Marketing the Monkey King

Instructors: Gordon Gray and Jianfen Wang
Prerequisite: None
Offered: Infrequently
China has witnessed rapid economic growth in recent decades and has become the world’s largest trading power. Beyond this rapid economic growth, by advertising Chinese values and publicizing its culture, China has risen as potential competitor to American influence in the Asian region. China’s soft power has become a key issue in the reform of its cultural, media, and creative industries. China’s recognition of soft power and its application to national policies is an important factor in explaining China’s rapidly increasing influence in Asia. Using the beloved story of the Monkey King ( a character form the 16th century Chinese masterpiece Journey to the West) as a recurring theme, this course will engage students with various aspects that make up one of the most fascinating countries in the world. By the end of this course, students will gain basic knowledge of China as a historical, political, and cultural entity. Further, students will learn how these diverse facets of China have informed the country’s conceptualization and use of soft power. Students will also gain some preliminary understanding of why the West is so apprehensive of China. Fulfills international (Non-Western) Perspective requirement.
1 Course

AST 204 Yoga (HHP)

Instructor: Stephanie Woodie
Prerequisite: HLT/PEH 100 or Permission of Instructor
Offered: Annually
A study of the asanas (poses) included in the practice of Hatha Yoga. The focus will be on connecting breath with movement, developing ease and comfort in poses and developing skills in using yoga as a tool for increased self-awareness. The content will include basic history of yoga and asanas. Students will be required to purchase a yoga mat that they will keep throughout the term.
1 Course