Summer I Term 2012 Courses

May 14-June 12, 2012

AST 206 Introduction to Asian Cinema (THR)

Instructor: Gordon Gray

Prerequisite: GSTR 210

Asian cinematic traditions have produced some of the most famous and accomplished directors (such as Japan’s Kurosawa and Ozu, or India’s Satyajit Ray) and some of the largest audiences (Bollywood films have immense global audiences), as well as unique artistic visions and styles (the Chinese “Fifth Generation” of filmmakers).  Beyond these issues, viewing cinema also tells us much about the cultures in which those cinematic products were produced.  Therefore, the films viewed also tell us much about Japan, India, and China and the cultural, aesthetic, an dramaturgical traditions of those countries.  To that end, students will critically view a series of Asian feature films and then provide analysis of these films via three 5-8 page reviews that include topics, themes, and subject matter relevant to the particular films and students’ majors.  The work culminates in a final essay.  The class is organized as a series of film viewings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with seminars on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Fulfills Arts and International (Non-Western) Perspective requirements.

1 Course