Summer I Term 2011 Courses

AST 225 International Business: Focus on Malaysia & Singapore (BUS)

Instructor: Trish Isaacs and Mark Roselli

Prerequisite: GSTR 210, two terms completed at Berea College, and permission of instructors

This course provides an insight into business from a global perspective. It focuses on both the multinational corporation and the small international start-up firm. It emphasizes how governments intervene in markets and suggests alternatives for working with governments to achieve corporate goals. International business topics covered include globalization, culture, politics, law, trade, financial markets, business preparation and market entry, business strategy, and operations. There are many advantages to teaching this course in Malaysia.  The major advantage is exposing the students to the business culture of the region first hand.  It is always difficult to learn about a culture without being there.  Touring Malaysian businesses, meeting Malaysian business managers, workers, and consumers will allow students to learn how to conduct business in Malaysia and Southeast Asia far faster and more accurately than reading alone.  A secondary, though very important, advantage is gaining an appreciation for Malaysian culture in general.  Exposure to some of Malaysia’s history, art, philosophy, and language will increase the students’ appreciation for this area of the world and will serve them well as they begin building international business relationships.  Students will also be able to apply the lessons learned in these classes to other areas of the world as well.  Fulfills International (Non-Western) Perspective and Active Learning Experience (ALE) requirements.

1.5 Course