Short Term 2010 Courses

AST 113 Images of Women in Contemporary China (SOC / WST)

Instructor: Jill Bouma

This course offers an introduction to contemporary China through the eyes of Chinese women. From bound feet to “holding up half the sky,” images of 20th century Chinese women have varied greatly across the continuums of power, rights, and responsibilities. This course will explore how women’s roles and opportunities have changed as part of the larger historical changes in China. Drawing on autobiographies, documentaries, and contemporary films, the course will examine some of the changes, conflicts and triumphs of ordinary women in recent Chinese history. Moving chronologically across individual women’s accounts, we will examine how the broader socio-economic context impinges on women’s lives in roles as various as revolutionary, wife, model worker, mother, and prostitute. With a focus on both changes and continuities in Chinese culture, this course will also explore various elements of Chinese culture, including music, art, literature, and food. Fulfills African-Americans’/Appalachians’/Women’s and International (Non-Western) Perspective requirements.

1 Course

AST 118 Arts of Asia (ARH)

Instructor: Robert Foster and Sandy Kita

This course focuses on the art of East Asia (Japan and China), with a secondary look at Indian and Korean arts. It examines Japanese and Chinese painting, sculpture, and architecture, along with gardens, woodblock prints, and applied arts. It also looks at Indian sculpture and architecture and Korean sculpture and painting. The consideration of these arts introduces the different religions, cultures, and societies from which they come. Among the religious traditions covered are Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Shinto. Finally, the course looks at folk cults as well as high religion and at the art of common people as well as that of the elite.

1 Course