University of Oregon Graduate Programs in Asian Studies

175 Prince Lucien Campbell Hall
1246 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon  97403-1246
Telephone: 541-346-5082


The university offers an interdisciplinary program in East Asian Studies leading to the master of arts (M.A.) degree. Students who complete three years equivalent of Southeast and/or South Asia language study aboard or in other institutions may, with the support of an Asian Studies faculty advisor, construct a special concentration in Southeast and/or South Asian Studies. The curriculum includes courses in anthropology, art history, Chinese language and literature, geography, history, international studies, Japanese language and literature, linguistics, political science, and religious studies. The program is administered by the Asian Studies Committee, which is composed of faculty members with Asian specializations. The M.S. degree program is inactive.

A bachelor’s degree is required for admission, and it is expected that applicants have some undergraduate preparation in courses relating to Asia. Students lacking adequate Asian language or disciplinary training must take appropriate preparatory courses, for which no graduate credits is earned.

Prior to registration, the Asian Studies Committee assigns each student an advisor, who helps the student develop an individual program. At the end of the first year, the student should request that an Asian Studies graduate committee be formed to provide guidance throughout the second year of study and thesis preparation. Graduate students should meet with their advisers at least once a term.


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