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The master’s program in Asian Studies takes students out of the narrow confines of a single discipline where the focus is usually on methodology and instead focuses study on a particular geographical and cultural region of Asia. This allows a student to take a whole range of courses that would be impossible in a discipline.

Students concentrate on the regions of Asia represented by the area centers: China, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Philippines, or Southeast Asia.

Although the university does not offer a doctorate in Asian Studies, Asian-focused doctoral programs are available in anthropology, East Asian languages and literatures, economics, geography, history, linguistics, music, philosophy, political science, public health, sociology, theatre, and tropical agriculture.

Regional Graduate Certificates

Responding to the demand for integrated, interdisciplinary knowledge about the Asian region, SPAS offers Graduate Certificate Programs focusing on various Asian countries or regions.

Coordinated by the area Centers, the certificate programs offer graduate and professional students structured, cutting-edge knowledge of the region of choice, augment a major field of study, and enhance future employment opportunities.

Students can tailor the certificate program to meet their academic and career goals.