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The Center for East Asian Studies is not a degree-granting organization. The University of Chicago offers several degrees for students interested in East Asian Studies, including the B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. Degrees are awarded through individual University departments, where students can choose to focus on East Asia as their area of study. For example, in 2007, Ph.Ds were awarded in East Asian Studies to students in the departments of Art History, Anthropology, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Students interested in applying to [MA] degree-granting programs related to East Asian Studies should contact the:  Division of the Social Sciences 773-702-8414 or Division of Humanities 773-702-8498


Center for the Art of East Asia

The Center for the Art of East Asia at the University of Chicago was established in the Spring of 2003 for the purpose of building up facilities and technologies to support the growing field of East Asian art in the American university setting and increase resources for research and teaching in this field.

East Asian Collection at the University of Chicago Library

With a total of 750,000 volumes in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages, the East Asian Collection at Chicago is recognized as one of the most comprehensive and distinctive East Asian collections in the United States. Founded in 1936, the East Asian Collection has developed its strength in the humanities and social sciences through more than sixty years of systematic collecting. The Collection contains materials in many different formats, from manuscripts, lithographs, books, periodicals, and newspapers to microform holdings, CD-ROM databases and texts, and a growing number of web-based online electronic resources. Among the most unique holdings are over 17,000 volumes of Chinese and Japanese rare books, a Chinese pre-contemporary local gazetteer collection of more than 13,000 volumes, and a comprehensive periodical collection of 10,000 titles.

In addition to the collection in East Asian languages, the University library system contains over 50,000 volumes in English or other Western languages on or related to East Asia. The library also contains materials in Tibetan, Mongolian, Manchu, and Vietnamese languages. Some of these are in the East Asian Collection. Others are part of other area studies collections or the University library’s main collection. Together, these collections constitute one of this country’s premier resources for East Asian Studies.

The University of Chicago also has a fast growing collection related specifically to East Asian art. The East Asian Art Reading Room provides easy access to many reference works on East Asian art. Established in 1997, the reading room collection has grown considerably in recent years to include over 4,000 volumes of journals, books and reference works in a number of languages.

Tang Center for Herbal Medicine Research

Investigators at the University of Chicago’s Tang Center for Herbal Medicine Research are scientifically verifying the effects of herbs, including those have been used in the Far East for centuries and are now becoming more popular in the United States. The Tang Center opened at the University of Chicago in early 2000. Current research topics include the role of herbal medicine in relation to cardiovascular health, chemotherapy, diabetes, and colorectal cancer.

Faculty/Institutional Strengths: Very Strong in East Asian Art

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