University of California-Berkeley Graduate Programs in Asian Studies
Office of Graduate Admissions
Graduate Division
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University of California, Berkeley
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Phone: 510-642-7405

Programs: M.A. in Asian Studies

With the oversight of the Graduate Division, the Group provides a Master of Arts degree in Asian Studies. This program is intended for applicants who wish to take a terminal interdisciplinary M.A. degree as well as for those who wish to ultimately obtain a research degree in a departmental Ph.D. program.

The graduate program is subdivided into four geographical regions: East Asia (China), Northeast Asia (Japan and Korea), South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Although individual programs will be arranged to suit a student’s particular interests, the basic degree requirements for the four regions are uniform. All students are required to take Asian Studies 201 (Proseminar in Asian Studies) in their first year. In addition, M.A. students must choose one of the four regions and take all course requirements within that area.

The normal workload for a graduate student is twelve units per semester. Depending on the number of courses taken over the minimum and the level of language training prior to entering the program, students may expect to complete their degrees in two to four semesters.

GPA: 3.5