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M.A. in Chinese History and Culture

M.A. in Chinese Language and Culture

Established in 1905, Fudan University is one of China’s oldest and most selective institutions of higher education.  Located in Shanghai, China’s largest and most dynamic city, Fudan has a long history of enrolling international students.  The two-year M.A. programs listed above are taught in English and enable students who have not yet mastered Chinese to develop an understanding of Chinese culture through history, language, and philosophy.  Training in Chinese language is part of each program.

Various types of scholarships are available:

1) Chinese/Shanghai City Government Scholarships

2) Chinese Government Scholarships (CGS)

3) Fudan University Student Fellowships

4) Discipline-specific scholarships (consult specific programs for details)

For students who wish to enroll in the fall semester in any given year, the start date for applications is November 15 of the previous year. The priority deadline is March 1 of the same year as that of enrollment. Applications that are submitted after March 1 and before June 1 may be considered, but government fellowships will not be available for students who fail to submit their applications before the priority deadline.