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M.A. in Asian & Asian American Studies

The Department of Asian & Asian American Studies (DAAAS), the leading program in the State University of New York system, offers a Master of Arts (MA) degree. The aims of the MA program are to enhance intercultural understanding, promote rigorous study of Asian societies, cultures, literatures, histories, languages, and migrations, and prepare students for success in an increasingly interdependent global environment. With over 24 outstanding faculty, DAAAS is particularly recognized for its multidisciplinarity, language expertise, and innovative collaboration between faculty in Asian & Asian American Studies. Graduates will be well positioned to enter competitive PhD programs or pursue careers in education, business, government, public policy, NGOs, and arts & culture.

The MA program encompasses six fields of study:

  1. Asian American & Diaspora Studies
  2. Global Asia
  3. Korean Studies
  4. Japanese Studies
  5. Chinese Studies
  6. South Asian Studies

Students choosing the Chinese, Japanese, or Korean Studies field must reach proficiency in the relevant language equivalent to a fourth-year level of study by the time of completion of the MA. Students admitted to one of these fields will already have had at least two, and in many cases, three or even four years of undergraduate language training.  It is expected that students enrolled in the South Asian Studies field will have third-year level proficiency in an Asian language relevant to their course of study by the completion of the MA. This requirement can be waived in some cases, based on the student’s particular course of study. The Asian American and Diaspora Studies, and Global Asia Studies fields have no explicit language requirement, but if a particular language is necessary for the student’s course of study, that student will be expected to develop competence in it by the time of completion of the MA.