Prof. McKee Named a US-Japan Network for the Future Fellow for 2022-24

Prof. McKee

おめでとう and congratulations to Dr. Lauren McKee, who has been chosen by the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation and the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership to be a Fellow in the 6th cohort of the US-Japan Network for the Future!  During the first year of her fellowship (in 2022-23, when she will be on sabbatical leave), she will travel frequently to Washington, DC, Tokyo, and the Mansfield Foundation headquarters in Montana as she studies common policy issues in the US-Japan relationship.  The second year of the fellowship (in 2023-24) will involve intensive writing, governmental policy recommendation, and public outreach on the same topic.  Dr. McKee, who recently earned tenure at Berea College and specializes in East Asian politics with a focus on Japan, says, “I am honored to be chosen for this fellowship and excited to be a part of this important work.”