The Asian Studies Department Congratulates May 2019 Graduates!

Berea College Asian Studies class of May 2019In May 2019, ten of our students will celebrate the end of their Berea College journeys:

Emma Batson ’19 (minor) will begin doctoral studies in clinical psychology with a specialization in child and adolescent psychology at Wheaton College.  She hopes to put her Psy.D. to work by serving lower-income families in her hometown of Fairmont, West Virginia.

Anthony Gluck ’19 (major) will join the many other Bereans who have successfully competed for placements as English teachers in Japan with the JET Program.

Benjamin Hall ’19 (major) plans to relocate to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career and further education in theatre.

Caitlin Hodgson ’19 (minor) will return to her hometown of Kingsport, Tennessee to volunteer in its city archives and high school library.  She plans to earn her master’s degree in library and information science and become a professional archivist.

Eunice Jijon Jarquin ’19 (major) has accepted a staff position with The Arete Project’s summer 2019 Glacier Bay Session, a summer program that enables students to live, study, and work at a remote field school stationed on an island archipelago near Glacier Bay National Park in southeast Alaska.

A. Michel Payne ’19 (major) plans to relocate to Hawai’i to pursue certification and a career in the TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) field.

Victoria Phillips ’19 (major) hopes to further develop her interest and skills in welding and other metallurgical arts.

Brandon Pollock ’19 (minor) has accepted a position with Aetna in Columbus, Ohio, where he will continue to search for paths that will lead him back to China and a career in international business.

Rebecca Sizemore ’19 (major) is hoping for good news, having been waitlisted for a Critical Language Scholarship in Japanese that would provide her with an intensive, immersive language-learning experience in Japan this summer.

Katheryn Thompson ’19 (major) plans to pursue certification as a TESL instructor and apply for a Fulbright Award that will enable her to teach English overseas.

We wish our May 2019 graduates nothing but the best.  さようなら!  작별!  再見!  Farewell!