Dylan Hunziker ’14 Becomes Diplomat in Beijing

Dylan Hunziker ’14 Headshot

Dylan Hunziker ’14

The Asian Studies Department recently heard from Dylan Hunziker ’14, who has just received his first posting as a diplomat with the U.S. State Department: the U.S. embassy in Beijing, China!  Dylan, who traveled the Chinese-speaking world as a Watson Fellowship winner and completed his M.A. in Taiwan on a full scholarship after graduating from Berea, is excited about this auspicious beginning to his diplomatic career.  “In 2009, I got on my first plane to go to Beijing on scholarship to learn Chinese. My very first day there I lost my passport, and had to go to the U.S. Embassy to get a new one. I felt scared, stupid, and pathetic. Still, I remember as I left the embassy, I thought to myself that one day I would be back, working there,” says Dylan.  “Nine years later, it looks like that promise is coming true. Beijing has changed a lot over the past nine years; I have changed even more. I am excited to take on Beijing once again. Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way.”