Bereans in Asia, Spring 2018

BC in Asia with globe

The exodus of Bereans to Asia continues next term!

  • Dominique “Domo” Jenkins will continue his academic year at Kyūshū University in Japan.  Also in Japan next term will be Anthony Gluck at USAC Nagasaki as well as Ben Hall and Oscar Villalva-Camacho at Kansai Gaidai.
  • Next door in South Korea, Dorothy Coe and Kayla Santos will continue their academic year at Keimyung University.
  • Just a bit further away in China will be Katie Thompson, who will study in Shanghai next term.
  • Wade Rutherford will spend spring 2018 studying at Payap University in Thailand.

Many thanks to Ann Butwell and the Center for International Education for making our students’ dreams of study abroad in Asia come true! Congratulations and safe travels, everyone!