Bereans in Asia, 2017-18

So many Bereans will spend some or all of 2017-18 in Asia!

Dominique “Domo” Jenkins and Samantha Blankenship will intern at the Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project (KEEP) in Japan this summer, after which Domo will spend the next academic year at Kyūshū University.

They won’t be the only Bereans in Japan this summer – Becca Sizemore and Dionysus “Dio” Yearout will study there with the Kentucky Institute for International Studies.

Next door in South Korea, Kayla Santos will spend the academic year at Keimyung University, to be joined in the fall term by Dorothy Coe and Eden Morley.

Brandon Pollock will study in China during fall term 2017, and the Berea College Country Dancers will tour China this summer.

Finally, both Layne Sinkhorn and Courtney Combs will study in India – Courtney this summer and Layne in the fall.

Many thanks to Ann Butwell and the Center for International Education for making our students’ dreams of study abroad in Asia come true! Congratulations and safe travels, everyone!

Bereans in Asia

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