About the Department

Berea College has a long-standing Dual Degree Engineering Program that includes an exchange agreement with the University of Kentucky. In this dual-degree program, students begin their college career at Berea taking three years of General Education, science, mathematics, and other course work, then transfer to another institution with professional engineering education.

Upon completion of both programs, students will earn two baccalaureate degrees, one from each of the two institutions they attended. The University of Kentucky has programs in biosystems engineering; biomedical engineering; chemical engineering; civil engineering; computer engineering; electrical engineering; materials engineering; mechanical engineering; and mining engineering. Although Berea College does not have a special agreement with any other engineering schools at this time, Berea students have entered engineering programs successfully with other universities upon completion of the dual degree requirements.

To provide students with a major program that can lead to a career in engineering through Berea’s Dual Degree Engineering Program, the College faculty approved the interdisciplinary Applied Science and Mathematics degree program.

Berea’s Dual Degree Engineering Advisor will serve as the student’s primary advisor for this interdisciplinary major. Read more about the Pre-Engineering Program.