Art & Art History Program

Special Learning Opportunities

Students who major in Art at Berea College enjoy the benefits of studying in small, individually focused classes. The average class size for a studio course is 8-10 students with a 9:1 student to faculty ratio. While enrolled in class, students are given their own space and participate in a classroom environment where the student receives constant personal feedback from faculty as well as from other students.

Student Labor

Outside class, students may also participate in several of the special programs designed for art majors. Apprenticeships and internships are also encouraged by the department and are often pursued by students during their summer break.
View information on our Ceramic Apprenticeship Program.

Following Berea College’s commitment to student labor as a means of learning, the Art Department employs students to work within its facilities. Student labor positions in the Art Department include janitorial work, running the art store, setting up installations and shows, assisting professors, supervising other students, and various jobs that keep the department functioning.¬†For more information about labor opportunities in the Art Department, please contact Larky Crawford

Other campus jobs available to students who are interested in the visual arts and crafts include working in Ceramics, Woodworking, Ironsmithing, and Fireside Weavers.

Department Trips

Each year, the art department sponsors a 4-day museum trip. As a member of the art department for many years, Dorothy Tredennick vigorously professed the value of travel as a component of learning. Through her continued generosity and a special fund she has established, the cost to students for each trip is minimal. For over 13 years, The Berea College Art Department has sponsored these yearly museum trips which have taken students to New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

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